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Langford Chiropractic
730 Cleveland Ave South
St Paul MN, 55116
(651) 699-8610

Langford And Karls Chiropractic
Dr. Anne Langford, DC, DICCP

Heather Karls, DC, CCSP

Jessica Eliason, DC

Brittany Schmidt, DC


  • Pregnancy
  • Pediatrics
  • Sports Chiropractic
  • Nutrition
  • Acupuncture


Located in the heart of Highland Park, Langford and Karls Chiropractic Clinic has been proudly serving the area for over 20 years.

To provide an unparalleled healthcare experience that helps patients reach their health and wellness goals through chiropractic care.

We strive to create a place where patients receive outstanding and personalized care that inspires health and happiness.

We value Excellence, Education, Positivity, Patience, Empathy, Wellness, Collaboration, and a Welcoming Environment

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