Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do mail orders?

Yes! We're happy to mail products to you. We charge postage based on the weight of the package and current US Postal Service rates. We do not charge any extra handling fees. Call us at 651-690-1692 to place a mail order. 

Do you sell online?

No. Currently we do not fulfill orders online, although you may search our website to learn about our extensive product selection. To ensure product availability before stopping in, call us at 651-690-1692.  If getting to the shop is difficult for you, we're happy to arrange a mail order.

Do you have coupons?

Yes!  You can find a 10% off coupon in the first Highland Villager of the month, as well as in every issue of the Minnesota Women's Press. There is also occasionally a 15% coupon in Valpak. 

We also offer a frequent shopper punch card (pictured below). You receive a punch for every $10 you spend.  Once the card is filled, you may use it as a 15% off coupon on a future visit. As with our regular 10% off coupons, this discount is not valid with other coupons, sales or special offers. 

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! We have authentic, paper, hand-written gift certificates. Give the gift of health. Give a Mastel's gift certificate today, in any amount.

Do you have multiple locations?

No. We are an independent, family-owned shop. For this reason, there is one, and only one, location of Mastel's here on Saint Clair Avenue. Same place. Same owner. For over 40 years.

How can I find out what's on sale?

Sign up for our newsletter to receive a monthly sales flyer, or just check our home page at your convenience.  We also frequently post smaller sales and offers on our Facebook feed.

What are Extended Savings?

So what's the deal with these signs?

Mastel's offers "Extended Savings" sales on a variety of products. These last longer than our monthly sales - sometimes up to six months!  Some companies offer us a discount and we pass that savings along to you, the customer, which ranges from 15% to 25% off!  While you cannot use a coupon with these sales, the discount is deeper than you would get with a regular coupon.

Do you have case discounts?

If you'd like to order a product by the case, we offer a 10% case discount. This discount is not valid with other coupons or special offers. Please ask about case quantities and prices.

Are you open holidays?

We are closed on several major holidays so that our employees can celebrate and spend time with their families. These holidays are: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. We also close early on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve.

What are your store policies?

Mastel's accepts all major credit cards, checks with valid ID, and cash.

Product returns must be made within 30 days of purchase, with a receipt.

Products returned past 30 days or without a receipt are subject to manager approval.

You must have your coupon with you to receive the discount.

You must have your punchcard with you at the time of purchase to receive punches.

All sales of books and clearance items are final.

I'm curious about the big aloe plant in the window.

The regal aloe vera plant that presides over the Mastel's Health Foods' store front has been a fixture here for nearly 37 years. It has not only earned a prominent place in our window, but privileged status as our company logo.

Owner John Mastel won the then far smaller plant in Las Vegas at the 1977 National Nutritional Foods Association show. After the expo, John carried his Grand Prize home with him on the plane and placed it in the same window where it resides today. Our aloe has thrived thanks in part to a hand-mixed sand and potting soil blend, passive sun baths, a diet of fish meal, and attentive watering. Today the magnificent specimen erupts out of a 10-gallon pot. It's so happy here it issues a striking white flower every four months!

Over the decades, that original aloe vera has generated countless clones, one of which has surpassed its parent in size (this behemoth is on display in our second store window). But you don't have to take our word for it--swing by any day of the week to gaze upon our majestic and much beloved aloe vera!

What's the story with the eggs?

The eggs we sell come from the farm of Helen Schultz near Owatonna, MN. While they are not certified organic, Mrs. Schultz never uses chemicals on her property and the chickens are technically cage-free and free-range.

We often get questions about our large, delicious, locally produced eggs, so here are 5 commonly asked questions and the answers, directly from the chickens' beaks.

1. Many of our customers claim Mastel's carries the best eggs in town--large, flavorful with brightly colored yolks (and their price is hard to beat, too!) What does our supplier, Helen Schultz, feed her hens to keep them producing so well?

Schultz's chickens feast on insects, corn, oats, wheat, alfalfa, and soybeans. Because her hens graze freely in field and pasture when the weather is suitable, their eggs are technically cage-free and free-range. Schultz never uses chemicals on her property or questionable feed for her birds. She hasn't pursued a "certified organic" designation due to the costly and time-consuming nature of the certification process.

2. How long has Schulz been in business?

Helen Schultz has been in business since the 1950s, and she has distributed to the Twin Cities since 1971.

3. Where is the farm located and how do you get the eggs?

The farm is near Owatonna, MN. Helen's family delivers fresh eggs to Mastel's once a week.

4. Why are some eggs white and some eggs brown?

An egg's hue depends upon the color of the hen who laid it. The nutritional profile of an egg is not related to the color.

5. Why do you run out of eggs sometimes?

At certain times of the year, younger hens may take longer to mature and begin laying. Bitter cold can cause more stress for the older hens, who need to divert extra energy from laying eggs to growing insulating feathers.  This can result in a flux in our egg supply as the seasons change.

There you have it! We hope you've learned a lot from your first lesson on Schultz eggs at Mastel's Health Foods. Now it's time for a quiz...

1. Where is the farm located?

a. Brazil

b. Kentucky

c. Owatonna, MN

2. What do the chickens eat?

a. insects

b. grains, grasses and beans

c. all of the above

3. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? we'll leave that one up to you to figure out!

How's John?

While John Mastel might not be found in the aisles of the store these days, he's certainly keeping busy. Being retired means more time to be active. An avid bowler since 1959, John still belongs to a bowling league to this day. He also still enjoys playing softball and those of you who played softball with John probably remember his mean pitching arm. Decades later, he still has it!

However great his love of sports may be, his real passion is gardening and growing crops. On his 8-acre hobby farm in Afton, John spends his days tending to fruit trees, tomato plants and other garden goodies.

While the rest of us are sound asleep, the raccoons and opossums can often find John prowling his land at 2:30 in the morning, under the light of the moon, exploring the shadows and watching for critters who might be eating his crops. Crop-snatching groundhogs, deer, rabbits, neighborhood cats and flying squirrels all best beware or you'll receive a harsh word from the gentle John Mastel.

John's ambitions aren't stifled when winter sets in. While his fruit trees sleep and snow blankets and blows across his acres, John has time to plan the next growing season and reflect upon the bounty of the previous year.

John still delights in the notes and letters he receives from long-time friends and customers. He warmly thanks all of you who have supported Mastel's Health Foods over the years.