How's John?

While John Mastel might not be found in the aisles of the store these days, he's certainly keeping busy. Being retired means more time to be active. An avid bowler since 1959, John continues to participate in a bowling league. He also still enjoys playing softball and those of you who played softball with him probably remember his mean pitching arm. Decades later, he's still got it!

However great his love of sports may be, his real passion is gardening and growing crops. On his 8-acre hobby farm in Afton, John spends his days tending to fruit trees, tomato plants and other garden goodies.

While the rest of us are sound asleep, the raccoons and opossums can often find John prowling his land late at night, under the light of the moon, watching for critters who might be eating his crops. Groundhogs, deer, rabbits, neighborhood cats and flying squirrels all best beware of pilfering or you'll receive a few harsh words! 

John still delights in the notes and letters he receives from long-time friends and customers. He warmly thanks all of you who have supported Mastel's Health Foods over the years.

John Mastel, in his shop 2/8/18