Fall Healthy Habits

Fall Healthy Habits

Go Past the Pumpkin!

ARTICLE BY | Michele Olson

Fall! Leaves! Pumpkin Everything! It’s a fantastic time of year, but also a crucial time to make wise choices about your health. As you head into the pre-holiday season, it can be easy to let your guard down and postpone good decisions in favor of waiting for the New Year. Don’t do it! Follow these tips through the fall season, and reap a harvest of rewards.

Drink and be Merry...Water that is
When people think of hydration, they usually equate it with hot weather, and sweating. But staying hydrated in cooler weather is just as important. Since the body is 70 percent water, it makes sense to maintain that level of water. Layering up and then working out can also cause more sweating, which leads to more dehydration. The other issue? You may not feel thirsty in the cooler weather and drink less. The standard is six, eight-ounce glasses of water a day, which can also include warm, non-caffeinated drinks. Be aware that water is just as useful now as it is in hot weather.

Supplement is a verb
People often forget the word supplement has a real meaning beyond being a substitute for the word vitamins. It means making up the difference in something you are lacking. Take vitamin D, for example. Called the sunshine vitamin, in many areas, warm weather and decent exposure to sunshine lessen with the calendar. Foods high in vitamin D include fatty fishes like salmon and tuna and egg yolks, great additions to your diet. Work with your doctor to know your vitamin D levels. While you’re at it, plan ahead and check out the complete immune support system available from Terry Naturally brand of supplements.* This is the time of year to be prepared for anything!

Respect the ZZZZs
As the weather cools, a change happens to the circadian rhythms, which can mess with a normal sleep routine. What sufficed in summer may not make you feel the same as fall approaches. While it might be tempting to oversleep, adjust your schedule with just a slightly earlier bedtime. The trick is to stay consistent with the time you get up. Keeping your new sleeping schedule to within 30 minutes of what you usually sleep is the best bet. Another tip? Start the day with bright lights. For a non-habit forming European blend of time tested ingredients that work synergistically to support deep, sound sleep without morning grogginess, check out Terrific Zzzz®’s from Terry Naturally brand of supplements.*†

Keep Moving
Cooler and inclement weather may limit your outdoor activities, but don’t despair! This is the perfect time to do some fun indoor activities. Of course, you can always join a gym, but if that’s not your thing, how about yoga or kettlebells? All relatively inexpensive, with tons of “how to’s” on the web, this is not the time of year to stop exercising. And, Yes, Pumpkin Everything! Real pumpkin is nutritious. A fruit, not a vegetable (because of those seeds), pumpkins are packed with vitamins and minerals. They are low in calories and are 95 percent water. But, buyer beware! All the pumpkin drinks and dishes that appear in this season can be loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats, and more. Just adding the words pumpkin to something doesn’t make it healthy. Choose to be a wise pumpkin eater!

Smart choices this fall can make a big difference in achieving your healthy living goals.

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Michele is a mom, wife, and grandmother who has been writing about the world of natural medicines for over twenty-five years. A professional voice talent, watercolor artist, and author, Michele enjoys conveying all that is possible in natural health through multiple communication styles—including a good laugh.