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Natural Sunscreens

July 02 2014

So, what exactly is the deal with so-called “natural” sunscreens? What does “natural” really mean? Do they work as well as other sunscreens on the market? And what’s so bad about other sunscreens anyway?      We asked these questions, as many of you do, and did some research to find out.     The word...

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Did You Know?

June 05 2014

Test Your Trivia Knowledge of Mastel’s and its Staff!1. John Mastel founded Mastel’s Health Foods in what year?     A. 1962     B. 1968     C. 1972     D. 19762. Approximately how many unique products line the shelves at Mastel’s?     A. 1,500     B. 4,500     C. 8,500     D. 12,5003. How many people does Mastel’s currently employ? (Not counting the owner!)    ...

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