Autumn's Top 5 aloe icon September 11 2017   by Mastel's Help Desk

Next up in our monthly series featuring Mastel’s employees Top 5 supplement choices we have Autumn. She is a newer employee but has a lot of knowledge to share. She is interested in learning more about acupuncture, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and expanding her expertise. Here are her picks:

Top 5 Mastel's Supplements

New Chapter Multivitamin

These vitamins are “double digested”! They take nutrients from food, cultivate those on a yeast, then ferment them with probiotics. Making them more absorbable and gentle to digest.

Enzymedica Digestive Enzymes

Enzymedica uses “TheraBlend” technology which combines several different strains of enzymes that survive in different pH levels in the body. So they digest food from your stomach to your colon.

Nutiva Cold Pressed Hemp Oil

I love hemp! It’s a fatty, nutty flavored seed that has a good ratio of essential fatty acids: 3::6::9.

Flora Probiotics

Flora takes their probiotic strains from the human gut so they are said to more easily cultivate in your gut.

Herbs Etc. Mushroom Liquid Extract

Supplementing with mushrooms helps prevent unhealthy cell regeneration and encourages your body to adapt to change.

Thanks for sharing Autumn!