Better For You Bubbles

Better For You Bubbles

By Alina Hornfeldt

First came the sparkling water wave with people everywhere picking up cases of the bubbly stuff. Soon followed so-called “hard seltzers”, a version containing alcohol. Make way for the newest and healthiest trend for fall 2020: functional soft sparkling seltzer waters.

This autumn, many are looking to cut back on any lifestyle choices that may interfere with their immune system, and with good cause. Coming in as a rejuvenating replacement to alcohol or soda pop, functional soft seltzers boast cutting edge good-for-you ingredients such as adaptogens, CBD, and nootropics.

Selected for their great taste, and most importantly, clean ingredients, these soft seltzers come in a variety of unique flavor profiles. Look for lemon lavender, ginger, and North American sweetgrass, to name a few. The perfect choice to help you unwind at the end of the day, adaptogens ease stress and adrenal fatigue, while CBD can calm anxiety and promote relaxation. Looking for mental clarity and alertness? Nootropic blends with a touch of caffeine may be your perfect match.

Mastel’s Health Foods in Saint Paul has been in the business of healthy living for over 50 years. That history and experience inform every product they bring in, and as a trusted community resource, they take that responsibility seriously. Using their expert knowledge, they have carefully curated a selection of these new functional soft seltzers from brands such as Dram, Queen City, and Kin.

Fall is a wonderful time of year to take stock of your health, both physically and mentally. At Mastel’s, your well being is their priority, and you can be sure to leave the store feeling confident in your supplement and vitamin purchases. Next time you are in, why not check out the cooler and add a soft seltzer (or two!) to your basket to indulge in, and treat yourself to a relaxing evening followed by a bright new day!