Boswellia – A Powerful Tool Against Inflammation

Boswellia – A Powerful Tool Against Inflammation


By Alina Hornfeldt

Inflammation is one of today’s hot topics in health and wellness. Here at Mastel’s Health Foods in St. Paul, we get questions daily about what is best to take to reduce inflammation in the body. One of our best products is boswellia, since it stops the leading causes of most diseases: Inflammation and oxidation. Boswellia can be used safely everyday to bring inflammation and oxidation into balance, which can aid sufferers of a wide variety of ailments including asthma, arthritis pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and even cancer.

Boswellia is a tree native to India, and the resin is harvested in order to make supplements. Frankincense and boswellia are sometimes used interchangeably, as they are both subtypes of the boswellia tree. They produce different medicinal components. Frankincense is used to refer to essential oil and boswellia the oral extract.

Many people associate inflammation with joint pain, but it can be the source of many diseases in the body. Inflammation at the cellular level often occurs in a particular inflammation pathway called 5-LOX (5-lipoxygenase). 5-LOX inflammation is associated with allergies, COPD, arthritis, IBS, Crohn's disease, and colitis. Boswellia is a great option for reducing inflammation in the lungs helping reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies. Inflammation can also damage brain cells and create conditions that promote Alzheimer’s. Boswellia has been shown to increase neuronal volume and boost learning and memory. Problematic digestion can be caused by inflammatory triggers, boswellia can stop these triggers and aid in healing. And of course, when it does come to joints, boswellia doesn't mask the joint pain, it actually helps joints heal faster and keep inflammatory damage from getting worse. Boswellia is one of the few botanical ingredients that has the ability to fight 5-LOX inflammation. Even more so than anti-inflammatory super stopper curcumin. As an added bonus, unlike conventional drugs, boswellia has no side effects!

Choosing the right boswellia is important, and at Mastel’s we make sure to hold our products to the industry’s highest standards. One company that provides extensive research and educational materials is Terry Naturally, created by Terry Lemerond. Terry is passionate about helping people attain fantastic health naturally and with side-benefits as opposed to side-effects. Terry Naturally’s Boswellia has a money back guarantee, so come in and try it for yourself and feel the difference boswellia can make in your health!

Come in to Mastel’s and our expert staff can help you determine if boswellia is right for you. We all share a passion for helping others and taking the time to make sure you get all the assistance you need and questions answered.