Cooking Daily With Bone Broth

Cooking Daily With Bone Broth

Guest Blog Post: by Becki Melvie, Brand Ambassador at Taking Stock Foods

Bone broth has long been a staple in kitchens of home cook’s for many generations past. If you’re a cook who’s made your own broth, you’ll be well acquainted with the time demanded to coax delicious flavors, and yield the soothing properties, from traditional ingredients used in bone broth.

Typically, bone broth will involve a long process of simmering chicken, beef or pork bones, vegetables, herbs, and aromatics in a large stockpot on the stovetop for 12-24 hours. The bones and vegetables are removed from the liquid, leaving a deep, rich, golden broth that can be used as a culinary ingredient or as a savory hot beverage.

Taking Stock Food’s bone broth available in Mastel’s frozen section, is locally-made in St. Paul, slow-simmered for 12 hours, using locally-raised organic chicken and vegetables. We use a raspberry rhubarb vinegar to further break down the bones, effectively extracting every last mineral from the bones.  

Taking Stock Food’s broth is rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, as well as collagen, amino acids, and electrolytes. These nutrients, along with the other properties of bone broth, such as collagen, amino acids and electrolytes, have been used holistically in the healing of deficiencies like pain and inflammation, cramps, muscle soreness, brittle nails, periodontal disease, anxiety, depression, allergies, and IBS.

Add nutrition and delicious flavor to your daily cooking by replacing water with bone broth. Using bone broth in cooking can be very rewarding, resting assured you’re adding nutrients to the food you and your friends and family are consuming.


Add bone broth to your daily diet with these cooking techniques:

  • Tacos - When adding water into the last simmering step of your favorite taco recipe, use bone broth instead!
  • Savory Dough - Use warm bone broth to raise your pizza dough.
  • Rice & Pasta - Bone broth works perfectly, substituted for water, in risottos, steamed rice, and boiled dried pastas, like orzo.
  • Dried Vegetables & Mushrooms - Reconstitute your dried, preserved vegetables and mushrooms with hot bone broth.

For a recipe using our broth in a comforting Stove Top Pot Roast CLICK HERE.

However you chose to enjoy your next mug of Taking Stock Food’s bone broth from Mastel’s, make sure to tag us on Facebook to let everyone know how nourishing bone broth has transformed your life!