Mastel's Employee Favorites

Mastel's Employee Favorites

Here at Mastel’s, we have a fantastic and truly dedicated staff who have a lot of experience in the health, wellness, and supplement industry. As a new blog feature, we have decided to ask our employees what their top 5 Mastel’s items are. First up is Carolyn, who has been with us since the early 90’s.

Carolyn’s Top 5 Supplements (in no particular order):

Trace Minerals Research ConcenTrace Mineral Drops

I’ve been taking this product for over 20 years, and it is the only supplement that when I don’t take it, I notice its absence within a week or two. I feel that it helps me maintain a steady supply of energy and overall sense of well-being.

NaturaNectar Bee Propolis Trio

In addition to short- and long-term immune support, this product also helps me with inflammation. Because it is Brazilian, the plants from which the bees are gathering have powerful, unique healing and infection-fighting properties.

Oxylent Multivitamin Supplement Drink

A complete multivitamin in a powdered, effervescent drink with impressive amounts of Vitamins C, D and B12, Chromium and Potassium, this is a great choice for people who don’t want to swallow a large pill, but also don’t want the higher price and carbon footprint of a liquid multivitamin (water is heavy to ship). Best of all, no sugar and it tastes great!

Source Naturals Wellness Formula

Another longtime favorite! This is my go-to for daily immune support during stressful times (holidays, travel, working retail, etc.), or to take more frequently when I feel some kind of bug trying to take hold.

You Theory Sleep Nighttime Powder

A combination of magnesium, amino acids with a touch of melatonin, this powder delivers a hefty dose of what I need to get to sleep. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night, I get right back to sleep within minutes. Being a smallish-type person, I only need half a scoop. I have also noticed more interesting “eyelid movies”. Mixing it with Natural Vitality Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon helps improve the flavor. See how I managed to sneak in a 6th choice? ;)

Thanks Carolyn for sharing some of your favorite supplements we carry!